Who we are at Tangleweed Farms

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Hi and welcome to our Farm’s Blog. My Husband Scott and I purchased Tangleweed Farms in October of 2017. After meeting in Santa Barbara County we quickly became inseparable. When we wanted to buy more property and get out of suburbia, we realized we could not afford anything around where we lived. We started looking elsewhere and found our little homestead. The house was tiny, only 840 square feet but we saw potential. We could see our two little guys running around, making mud, and being country kiddos. We decided to take the plunge and move to Tehachapi! We love it here and can not wait for our property to grow. We work hard at maintaining our acreage and love to share it with others. This blog is going to be a combination of many things and all things near to our hearts. Gardening, construction, crafty things, plants, kid stuff and most of all Farm Life!

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